Hobo With a Shotgun

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DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2011-07-05

Genre: Action/Adventure

Sub-genre: Thriller

Director: Jason Eisener

Stars: Rutger Hauer, Gregory Smith, Brian Downey, Jeremy Akerman, Molly Dunsworth, Brian Jamieson, Pasha Ebrahimi, Robb Wells, Nick Bateman, Drew O'Hara

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: A train rolls into its final stop. From one of the freight cars jumps a weary-eyed transient with dreams of a fresh start in a new town. Instead, he lands smack-dab in the middle of an urban hellhole, a place where the cops are crooked and the underprivileged masses are treated like insignificant animals. This is a city where crime reigns supreme, and the man pulling the strings is known only as "The Drake." Along with his two cold-blooded and sadistic sons, Ivan and Slick, he rules with an iron fist, and nobody dares fuck with The Drake, especially not some hobo. Director Jason Eisener's blood-soaked return to the Sundance Film Festival is more than just a nod to the grindhouse flicks of the 1970s and '80s; he ups the ante in a major way, and Rutger Hauer's performance is a legendary display of brutal ass-kicking and meticulous name-taking that is not to be missed.     Source: Magnet

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