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Why this site?? I am one of those people who don't necessarily have to rush out and rent or buy a movie the week it is released. So I tend to be months behind in watching the movies, especially for movies I don't intend to buy, but do wish to rent (or in today's age; download or stream online). The only problem is I would get to the video store or be browsing the web, and realize I forget what movies I still wanted to watch. "What was that action movie with so and so that came out last summer??" is a typical thing going through my head. So then I looked through the Net and tried finding a site that listed older movie releases, and guess what, there aren't as many good sites out there as you might think. Most are geared towards recent/new/upcoming releases.

For the odd site that does have any type of comprehensive listing of movies more than a few weeks or months old, it is often hard to navigate the site. Those sites are usually too busy trying to assault you with advertising or do too much with one site.

Not here though. Advertising is at a minimum and we don't try to cover too many bases. Here is where you can find a simple database and search engine of past DVD releases, some current Hollywood news, some fun stuff to do, and that is pretty well it. No having to poke around for ages trying to find listings, and no hard to navigate site.

Also a quick note about privacy and data collection: Here at CouchPotatoesOnline we strongly believe in personal privacy and therefore would like to stress to our users that there is NO unsolicited data collection or usage, and our users' information is NOT given or sold to any third party. In fact, the only data collection that is ever done, or personal information that we ask for, is if you sign up as a member to our "My Movie List" service. Even in this instance all we will ask for is a user name, a password, and a working email address. For a more indepth look at our privacy policy and terms of use click here or click on the privacy and terms of use link at the bottom of any CouchPotatoesOnline site page.

So that is how I came up with the idea of CouchPotatoesOnline and how the team here provide you with this great, yet easy to use site. We only started out in 2007, and at this point the listings only begin with 2005 releases. But add this site to your bookmarks and keep coming back, and you will see the listings grow.
Thanks for coming to CouchPotatoesOnline.com.

Ps. Check out our FAQ for information and pointers about this site.

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