CouchPotatoesOnline FAQ

The Top Twelve questions you would ask us if we were standing right beside you! Or maybe not, but still it is good info to know.

1. Where is CouchPotatoesOnline located?

CouchPotatoesOnline is located in North America.

2. How come I can't find the movies on your site to download?

We do not house the movies themselves, or provides links on where to download them from. Our mandate is strictly to provide the site users [that'd be you :-) ] with as accurate as possible DVD release/Movie info.

3. Are your movies listed under the DVD release date or the theatrical release date?

Our listings are for the DVD release date and NOT the theatrical release date.

4. There are often many different release dates for the same DVD. Which do you list?

CouchPotatoesOnline most often uses North American release dates, as well as North American covers and/or poster pics. Furthermore we usually list the original/first release of each movie, but we do not re-list it for later editions or releases.

5. How is the database sorted?

Our database, and the search returns you will get, are sorted in alphabetical order. However, the article the is not used alphabetically. To explain here is an example: You will find "The Reaping" under the R's and not under the T's.

6. What categories/genres do you use?

Here are the categories (or genres) used on CouchPotatoesOnline:

- Action/Adventure (including Westerns)
- Animation
- Comedy
- Documentary
- Drama (often including movies considered 'Crime Drama')
- Family (which includes Children's movies)
- Foreign (including Foreign language films and films produced in non-English speaking countries)
- Horror
- Music/Musical (can include films not strictly Musicals but films about music or with a strong music theme)
- Romance
- Sci-Fi/Fantasy
- Thriller (including movies considered Mystery or Suspense)

7. Are your movies listed in more then one category?

No. While many movies can be put into more than one category, usually there is still one that is a more obvious fit than others. Therefore we have chosen to only list movies once, and in the most obvious category or genre. We do list a sub-genre for many movies but when browsing by genre each movie will be found only under its "main" genre.

8. How extensive are your listings?

Thousands of DVDs are released every year. So to be concise, we have chosen to only include your standard feature length releases. Types of releases that will NOT be included here are; TV Shows, Collections, Series, Boxsets, or others of the like.
As well, for now, our listings go back to the start of 2005 only.
Currently our database contains 15860 releases!

9. Does CouchPotatoesOnline list every star that is in each movie?

No. Again for the sake of being concise, we have chosen to only list a few of the major actors/actresses from each movie. Obviously these would be the starring roles.

10. Why do your listings only go a few weeks ahead of the current date and not further into the year?

Here at CPO we pride ourselves on trying to be as accurate as possible and have found that sometimes release dates change, even for big releases. Therefore, we prefer to keep the database not too far ahead of the current date. Besides aren't you still trying to catch up on all the movies released the last few weeks?

11. Can I submit a movie, or make corrections if I find a mistake on your site?

By all means, on the footer menu on all pages you will find a submission link. We can't guarantee that your submission will be used, but each and every one WILL be looked at and checked. Also, information has been culled from a number of sources and deemed to be as accurate as possible. So again, if you find any mistakes please pass them on via the submission form and we will be happy to double check our information.


12. Has CouchPotatoesOnline.Com won any awards?

No, but we could be convinced to accept one, preferably with "Nobel" somewhere in the title.

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