The Front

Alternate/Foreign Title: Patricia Cornwell's The Front [Alternate title], Patricia Cornwell: The Front [Alternate title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2011-06-28

Genre: Drama

Sub-genre: Thriller

Director: Tom McLoughlin

Stars: Andie MacDowell, Daniel Sunjata, Ashley Williams, Diahann Carroll, Dane DeHaan, Zak Santiago, Patricia Cornwell, Joe Grifasi

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: THE FRONT is the fast-paced sequel to PATRICIA CORNWELL'S AT RISK and it reunites Monique Lamont (MacDowell) and Win Garano (Sunjata) to investigate Boston's most famous criminal. Attempting to generate much needed publicity for her flagging political aspirations, Monique orders Win to re-open the investigation of the brutal, decades-old murder of a young blind woman named Janie Brolin. Janie's boyfriend was the main suspect in the original investigation, but Monique has another suspect in mind the Boston Strangler. Win must work closely with a no-nonsense and combative female detective named "Stump" (Ashley Williams, Good Morning, Miami) to unpeel layer upon layer of the 40-year-old crime. Win and Stump's relationship evolves as they uncover the truth about Janie's death and track down a psychopath who is leaving their witnesses and colleagues dead in his wake.     Source:

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