Like Mike 2: Streetball

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2006-06-06

Genre: Family

Sub-genre: Comedy

Director: David Nelson

Stars: Jascha Washington, Kel Mitchell, Michael Beach, Brett Kelly, Micah Williams, Michael Adamthwaite, Moneca Delain, Enuka Okuma

MPAA Rating: PG

Synopsis: Get those sneakers on tight, because the action's moving out of the Arena and onto the Street! In this slam-dunk sequel to the hit film Like Mike, those legendary, magical high-tops find their way into the eager young hands of a pint-sized basketballer who dreams of rising to the top of the fast, fun and no-holds-barred world of high-stakes "Streetball"!
Die-hard hoops fan Jerome Jenkins Junior gets no respect at the local court, because he's too young, too slow, and worst of all?too short. But when he puts on a mysterious pair of sneakers, he's suddenly able to dribble, drive, and dunk like a champ! Jerome's rise to streetball fame seems unstoppable! But when it threatens to alienate his family and friends, Jerome realizes there's a high price to pay to be crowned the King of Concrete!     Source: 20th Century Fox

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