The Raven (2007)

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2007-02-06

Genre: Horror

Sub-genre: Thriller

Director: Ulli Lommel

Stars: Nicole Cooke, Jill Swanson, Jack Quinn, Carsten Frank, Nola Roeper, Laura Leigh, Victoria Ullmann, Michelle Guest, Sharon Senina, Tisha Franklin, Joella Mabusa, Willis Russell

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: A tormented rock star being stalked by a malevolent killer receives valuable advice from the master of macabre in director Ulli Lommel's cinematic tribute to legendary horror author Edgar Allan Poe. As a child, Lenore was surrounded by darkness. It was during those grim and frightening days that the terrified girl became acquainted with the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. These days, Lenore has achieved fame as the singer in a Los Angeles-based rock band, but unfortunately her high-profile status has made her the target of a supernatural killer. After seeing her friends and colleagues fall one by one to a murderous force from beyond the mortal realm, the terrified singer is horrified to discover that she is to become the next victim of the seemingly omnipotent murderer. Though at first Lenore feels as if all hope is lost, a nighttime visit from the author whose works helped her survive some of the darkest days of her childhood offers a fighting chance of cheating death. Meanwhile, in the mountaintop lair of the Raven, where the bloodied bodies of his victims lie desecrated, a ghostly killer prepares to claim his most prized victim.     Source:

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