Salvage (2006)

Alternate/Foreign Title: Gruesome [Alternate title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2006-10-17

Genre: Thriller

Sub-genre: Horror

Director: Joshua Crook, Jeffrey Crook

Stars: Lauren Currie Lewis, Chris Ferry, Cody Darbe, John Miller, Maureen Olander, Jessica DeLong, Sam Dahler, John Briley, Joseph M. Colombo, Adam Morris, Maureen Wagner

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: It's late autumn in small-town, midwestern America, with cornfields, pickup trucks, and a limitless, bleached-blue sky. Claire Parker, a student at the community college, leaves her night job at the local convenience store and awaits a ride home from her boyfriend, Jimmy. Instead of her boyfriend, however, a stranger in Jimmy's truck, who claims to be his friend, picks Claire up. She senses danger, but what's the worst thing that can happen in her safe, little town? She's about to find out. Much more than a typical slasher film, Salvage plays within the genres of thriller and horror by exploring the psychological landscape of a traumatized young woman who feels completely isolated, as well as depicting brutal and grisly attacks. What truly sets the film apart are the performances, especially Lauren Currie Lewis as Claire. She lends so much depth of character to the film that her terrifying ordeal is magnified as if it's happening to a real person. The brother directors, Jeffrey and Joshua Crook, unleash an onslaught of terror, creating a movie that fuses gut-punch realism with tongue-in-cheek black comedy to spawn a horrifying new kind of nightmare that's like a bad acid trip in hell.   Source: Sundance Film Festival

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