Confessions of an American Girl

Alternate/Foreign Title: Lifers' Picnic [Working title], American Girl [Original title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2005-01-11

Genre: Comedy

Sub-genre: Drama

Director: Jordan Brady

Stars: Jena Malone, Brad Renfro, Chris Mulkey, Michelle Forbes, Clifton Collins Jr., Erik von Detten, Alicia Witt, Brad Renfro, Micole Mercurio

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: Determined to find a suitaable environment in which to raise her unborn child, pregnant teen Rena Grubb (Jena Malone) vows to escape the squalid trailer park that she calls home with a little help from the father she barely knows. If her living situation wasn't bad enough, Rena's frustration is compounded when she is rejected by her selfish boyfriend (Erik Von Detten) and forced to fend for herelf as she prepares to give birth to her child. As Rena sees it, the only chance her child has for happiness is the love of a stable family, so she convinces her mother (Michelle Forbes) to drive her family to the annual prison picnic in hopes that she can hold her family together for a bright future. Surrounded by barbed wires and high fences, Rena slowly begins to understand both her father's plight and the important role she can play in giving her child everything that she never had in life.     Source:

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