BTK Killer

Alternate/Foreign Title: B.T.K. Killer [Alternate spelling]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2006-05-02

Genre: Horror

Sub-genre: Thriller

Director: Ulli Lommel

Stars: Gerard Griesbaum, Eric Gerleman, Victoria Ullmann, Shyla Fernandes, Danielle Petty, Michael Barbour, Nola Roeper, Erin Young, Crystal Nelson, Christian Behm, Ricky Love, Yannis Bariamis, Kent Cady

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: Veteran Boogey Man and Zodiac Killer director Ulli Lommel continues his long tradition of delivering tense thrills with this relentless look at the life of the elusive, Kansas-based serial killer known to authorities only as "B.T.K." before his arrest in February of 2005. A sadistic madman who left no clues at the scene of his crimes except for the ominous calling card of "Bind. Torture. Kill.," the man who eluded authorities for over three decades was finally captured by authorities after once again giving in to his bloodlust and embarking on a vicious killing spree. Though his murderous exploits had finally come to a close and the residents of Wichita could comfortably breathe a sigh of relief, the horrors that Dennis Rader (aka the B.T.K. killer) inflicted upon the frightened community offer a chilling reminder that even the most upstanding of citizens can harbor dark and frightening secrets.     Source:

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