The Paparazzi

Nick Nolte in a good and not so good picture ('not so good' is courtesy and 'good' is courtesy

When an actor or actress makes it big, or these days they only have to become somewhat popular, they know that there will be a certain amount of openness and scrutinity forced upon them because of their status.

We find out when an actress is pregnant, when an actor gets arrested for drunk driving, or when that famous actor couple are breaking up or adopting another baby. They also find themselves in the position of having to put up with the paparazzi, where anytime seems to be a good time for that perfect (or not so perfect) photo.

You might be wondering right now where I am going with this, well here goes...
Believe me, I think when you choose such a public profession and are making millions a year (or so) then there should be some scrunity, and there should be magazines about the stars with certain pictures published. Pictures of the stars at public events, or at a bar or restaurant are certainly suitable and exceptable types to be taken. But when it comes to paparazzi actually physically chasing these actors and actresses around, hanging from trees, camping out twenty feet from their homes, then I am going to come down on the side of the actors and actresses. Once this kind of crap starts happening then the paparazzi reduce themselves to just one small step above cheap lawyers hanging out in hospitals giving out their cards.

Ok, obviously you have figured out this more of a rant than an actual "Moment In History" style article, but I mean really, do we need to see a snapshot of the once svelt actress trying to get into the same bikini she wore when she was 20 pounds lighter, or the actor in less than clean attire and appearance dealing with personal demons such as substance abuse. And pictures of their innocent young children who didn't choose their famous parents or their lifestyle, ohh don't even get me started there. Come on, sure they make millions unlike you and me, but they are still human beings.

Would you want such pictures of yourself in a national magazine with millions of readers, much less in any published nature. I personally do not, and will not purchase the types of entertainment magazines that make a habit of printing such tripe and I hope I have persuaded you to avoid such "rag mags" as well.

Here endeth the rant!!

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