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A word about the new browser warnings (particularly Firefox) regarding unsecure logins...
Nothing is less secure about this login than it was before Firefox started warning users about non-https logins. They are just being overly cautious in warning you. There is no need for us to use a secure login at CPO as there is little or no personal information that can be revealed. We do suggest however not using the same password as you may for banking or other sensitive situations.

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What is this?

Have you been browsing our site and seen some movies you want to remember to watch? Well, then the MyMovieList feature is for you! Create your own list and we will keep track of the movies for you. A CPO feature since Jan. 2008.

How does it work? First, you will be required to create a username and password, if you have not done so already, and then log in. Once you are logged in, while browsing through our database just click on the "Add to MyMovielist" button that is below the picture of any movie you want to add to your list. Voila it is done!!

You also have the ability to remove movies from your list once you watch them, or in case you change your mind. Remember, we do NOT house these movies, CPO is a database of the movie/DVD info ONLY.

Another great feature is that you can select to receive a periodic reminder email, in order to help you keep on top of your movie watching. It's easy to select this feature and just as easy to un-select it if you change your mind.

We hate junk mail too so we will NEVER give out your email to anyone, nor will we send you annoying announcements. We only contact you if you want us to contact you. Cool, right?

OK, that's it. So go make a MyMovieList account and be a great Couch Potato!! :-)

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