A Christmas Tree Miracle

Alternate/Foreign Title: Random Acts of Christmas [Working title], Simple Gifts [Working title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2013-12-03

Genre: Family

Director: J.W. Myers

Stars: Kevin Sizemore, Claudia Esposito, Terry Kiser, Jill Whelan, Barrett Carnahan, Emily Capehart, Siomha Kenney, Michael Guy Allen, David Gray, Michael Meredith, Jill Tighe, Lou Wegner

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: For the George family - accustomed to the luxuries of a privileged suburban life - Christmas has become a season of taking rather than giving. With dad pre-occupied with work, mom on edge and self-involved teens, Nick and Natalie, fixated on their ever- growing wish lists, the youngest is the only one with any true Christmas spirit. When their dad loses his job just before the holidays, the family ignores the severity of the situation and continues to live above their means. When the consequences catch up with them, they are left with nothing and nowhere to turn. Taken in by an eccentric Christmas tree farmer, the family learns that miracles can come true... if you believe! A warm-hearted tale reminding us that the best gifts are the simple ones... all year long.     Source: Amazon.com

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