Dancing Ninja

Alternate/Foreign Title: The Legend of the Dancing Ninja [Working title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2013-10-01

Genre: Comedy

Sub-genre: Action/Adventure

Director: Mitchell Klebanoff, Kelly Sandefur

Stars: Lucas Grabeel, David Hasselhoff, Judy Jung-hwa Kang, Patrick Gallagher, Bree Turner, Gary Hudson, James Tsai, Drew Scott

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: An ancient Ninja legend is fulfilled when a tiny baby from Los Angeles arrives by sea to a family somewhere in distant Asia. This boy, named Ikki, who has always felt out of place in the strange land, grows up learning amazing acrobatic and dance moves from a mysterious ninja master who forbids him from joining his legendary martial arts school. But when the ninja master is attacked by an American, action movie-star (David Hasselhoff), Ikki suddenly realizes that his destiny is to return to America and avenge his teacher's attack by using his powerful dance skills. In Beverly Hills, Ikki and a beautiful young girl, Kimi, join forces and use their unique training to fight evil and discover what it truly means to be an elite Dancing Ninja!     Source: Amazon.com

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