Wild Bill

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2013-07-16

Genre: Drama

Director: Dexter Fletcher

Stars: Charlie Creed-Miles, Will Poulter, Andy Serkis, Iwan Rheon, Sammy Williams, Charlotte Spencer, Marc Warren, Peter McCabe, Morgan Watkins, Radoslaw Kaim, Aaron Ishmael, Liz White

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: Out on parole after 8 years inside, Bill Hayward returns home to find his now 11 and 15-year old sons abandoned by their mother and fending for themselves. Unwilling to play Dad, his arrival brings them to the attention of social services. With the danger of being put into care looming, Dean forces his Dad to stay by threatening to grass him up for dealing. Dean soon connects with Jimmy and through this new bond starts to realize what he's been missing. He has a family and a place in the world, but when Jimmy gets into trouble with Bill's old cohorts, he quickly has to decide what kind of Dad he wants to be. A good one, or a free one.     Source: RottenTomatoes.com

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