All's Faire in Love

Alternate/Foreign Title: Ye Olde Times [Working title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2012-02-07

Genre: Comedy

Sub-genre: Romance

Director: Scott Marshall

Stars: Christina Ricci, Owen Benjamin, Ann-Margret, Matthew Lillard, Cedric the Entertainer, Louise Griffiths, Sandra Taylor, Bill Engvall

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: College football star Will (Owen Benjamin) arrives at "All's Faire in Love... Renaissance Faire" to work off his class non-attendance obligation to Prof. Shockworthy (Cedric the Entertainer) by joining the rag-tag peasant Greenbriar Theater Troupe. The same is true for Kate (Christina Ricci), a performer who left her investment banking opportunities to join her cousin Jo (Louise Griffiths) to blossom on stage and in Will's heart. Will and Kate get the chance to prove themselves when the Faire's chief benefactress create the ultimate competition to determine who will be a "Royal" and who a "Common Peasant" threatening to hand over the Troupe's most coveted Shakespearean stage at the Faire - to a the treacherous and devious Troupe of Royal lead by Rank (Chris Wylde).     Source: Official Site

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