Just Laugh!

Alternate/Foreign Title: Just Laugh!: The Movie [Full title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2011-02-08

Genre: Documentary

Director: Anton Evangelista


MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: What's the one thing Regis Philbin, Doris Roberts, legendary comedian Pat Cooper, preacher Joel Osteen, and other celebrites agree has contributed greatly to their careers? They love to laugh! But who doesn't like laughing? We know it makes us feel good. Is there any proof that laughing promotes overall good health? "Just Laugh!" is a fun-filled documentary that explores the many health benefits of simply...laughing! Studies have shown that a good belly laugh increases circulation, reduces stress, and builds the immune system. The average adult laughs about fifteen times a day, compared to a four-year old, who laughs once every four minutes. But what else can laughter do for us? You'll learn what psychologists, comedians, the clergy, doctors, and everyday people are saying of how a healthy dose of daily laughter can prolong life. It's medicine without a prescription, or an expiration date. A universal language everyone understands: Just Laugh!     Source: Amazon.com

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