Lost Boys: The Thirst

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2010-10-12

Genre: Horror

Sub-genre: Action/Adventure

Director: Dario Piana

Stars: Corey Feldman, Jamison Newlander, Tanit Phoenix Copley, Casey B. Dolan, Sean Cameron Michael, Joe Vaz, Seb Castang, Steven van Niekerk, Felix Mosse

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: When an ambitious alpha bloodsucker disguises vampire blood as a designer drug in a bid to claim the entire planet in the name of the undead, it's up to Edgar (Corey Feldman) and Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander) to fight for the future of the entire human race. As the Blood Moon shines brightly in the midnight sky, the fearless vampire killers leap into action armed with enough tailor made weaponry to blast the demonic beasts into oblivion.     Source: RottenTomatoes.com

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