Pretty Ugly People

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2010-01-12

Genre: Comedy

Director: Tate Taylor

Stars: Missi Pyle, Melissa McCarthy, Allison Janney, Josh Hopkins, William Sanderson, Octavia Spencer, Larry Sullivan, Phill Lewis, Philip Littell

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: The grass might not be as green as one might think on the other side of obesity. Pretty Ugly People takes a wickedly comedic look at body image, self-loathing and sex within a group of estranged friends in their mid-30s. Lucy was obese her entire life and had always longed to be a thin so she could finally lose her virginity. Successful gastric by-pass surgery has now left Lucy svelte and beautiful. However, she convinces her friends that she's still obese, on the verge of dying, and that her last wish is for them to reunite for a retreat in Montana. Everyone begrudgingly agrees to come and upon arrival, they discover they've been had. The newly thin Lucy attributes her friends' presence as a way to "walk with you all as a skinny girl like I imagined it would be back in college." She explains that once she has finally done this, "The old me will have died."

This plan falls on unreceptive ears, especially when she reveals to the group that they are embarking on a rugged, four-day hiking trip so she can lose her remaining four pounds. Old friends have definitely gone their separate ways in both life and careers; they now mix like oil and water. Lucy soon realizes that the people she assumed had an idyllic life are actually conflicted and confused, out-of-shape themselves in more ways than just physically. A moment of self-discovery leads a newly empowered Lucy to leave her friends just before a shocking twist of fate forces everyone to take a deep look at their own issues. Lucy's arduous four-day hike morphs into an unlikely reawakening of sorts that results in strengthened friendships and self-acceptance.     Source: Official Site

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