Humble Pie

Alternate/Foreign Title: American Fork [Original title]

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2009-12-08

Genre: Comedy

Director: Chris Bowman

Stars: Hubbel Palmer, William Baldwin, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kathleen Quinlan, Vincent Caso, Scott Lincoln, Rae Ritke, Bruce McGill, Megan Ferguson, Vincent Caso

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: A terminally optimistic working-class dreamer attempts to shed a few extra pounds, inspire others, and finally get his driver's license so he can fuel up and set out on the road to success. Tracy (Hubbel Palmer) is a 400-pound grocery clerk who's convinced he's destined for greatness. While he's not taking acting lessons from arrogant, washed-up has-been Truman Hope (William Baldwin), Tracy can frequently be found mentoring stolid bag-boy Kendis Cooley (Vincent Caso) and his friends despite the disapproval of the gang's bullying leader, Shawn (Nick Lashaway). Back at home, Tracy is forced to contend with the religious ramblings of his bible-thumping, self-loathing mother, Agnes (Kathleen Quinlan), while simultaneously trying to lift the spirits of his lonely sister, Peggy (Mary Lynn Rajskub). Later, as things begin to look up for the love-struck Peggy, Tracy finally begins to sense that true fame is just over the horizon.     Source:

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