The 8th Plague

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2006-10-10

Genre: Horror

Director: Franklin Guerrero Jr.

Stars: DJ Perry, Leslie Ann Valenza, Charles Edwin Powell, Terry Jernigan, Hollis McLachlan, Nitin Adsul, Jonathan Rockett, Laura Chaves, Paul Bugelski, Syn DeVil

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: A desperate woman in search of her missing sister stumbles upon a terrifying secret in director Franklin Guerrero, Jr.'s atmospheric tale of impending doom. Laura's sister Nikki has gone missing, and upon tracing Nikki to an abandoned prison nestled deep in the forests of an isolated mountain town, Laura sets out to discover the truth behind her sister's inexplicable disappearance. The Halcyon Ridge Correctional Facility is no normal prison though, because deep within the crumbling walls of stone and steel lies an ancient evil just waiting to be revived. Now, as a plague of ultimate darkness prepares to descend upon the world once again, Laura finds that there is much more at stake than she could ever have imagined.     Source:

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