The Deal (2009)

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2009-01-20

Genre: Comedy

Director: Steven Schachter

Stars: William H. Macy, Meg Ryan, LL Cool J, Jason Ritter, Tere Morris, Fiona Glascott, Jeremy Crutchley, Brett Granstaff, Kate Blumberg

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: What does it look like when a Hollywood movie producer suddenly has nothing to lose? Meet Charlie Berns, a guy whose suicidal tendencies give him the chutzpah to con a major studio into a $100 million deal on a script he hasn't even read. At the very moment when his idealistic screenwriter nephew knocks on the door, toting a solemn art-house period script about Benjamin Disraeli, Charlie has literally had it with life. But the trade papers have announced that a recently converted black action star is actively seeking Jewish material, so the serendipity is too absurd to resist. Charlie masterminds a plan, making it impossible for the studio not to green-light this project, which, while Jewish, couldn't be further from an action flick. No matter. In Hollywood, perception is everything. Along the way, Charlie meets his match in Deidre Hearn, a sharp-witted development executive who sees right through his games but also recognizes that maybe his caution-to-the-wind philosophy has serious merit. The mischievous charm in this smart screwball satire about renegade producers bamboozling a soul-crushing industry hinges on the wonderfully crackly Tracy-Hepburn chemistry between William Macy and Meg Ryan. Steven Schachter's tongue-in-cheek romp revels in sending up Hollywood stereotypes - zealous star, histrionic director, slippery suits - but also Ryan's legacy as romantic comedy's "it" girl, and even the notion that it's possible to make a meaningful movie.   Source: Sundance Film Festival

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