The Tripper

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2007-10-23

Genre: Horror

Sub-genre: Comedy

Director: David Arquette

Stars: Lukas Haas, Balthazar Getty, Paul Reubens, Jason Mewes, Thomas Jane, David Arquette, Brad Hunt, Paul Reubens, Courtney Cox

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: A bunch of hippies descend on a small woodsy town for a concert, little realizing the terror that awaits them: an axe-wielding Ronald Reagan running amok in a one-man war against drugs. The sheriff (Thomas Jane) tries to control the madness but a corrupt mayor and a greedy promoter (Paul Reubens) insist the free-love festival must go on no matter how high the body count. It's a scrappy little low-budget horror indie given some star clout thanks to David Arquette (the sheriff in the SCREAM films) in his directorial debut. Jason Mewes (aka Jay of Jay & Silent Bob fame) is one of the more acid-happy hippies. Lukas Haas plays a doe-eyed folk-singer type who tries to stay relatively sober since his uptight new girlfriend (Jaime King) is already recovering from some previous trauma. The music is punchy (Fishbone play at the concert) and the dialogue spot-on. There's also some nifty psychedelic special effects and, of course, plenty of gore for those inclined. Arquette makes fine use of the gorgeous old-growth forests of Northern California, and gets the drug culture references just right. Free blunt wrappers and Reagan stickers were handed out to patrons during the film's theatrical run, linking this to the old gimmick films of William Castle, crossed with a dash of Cheech & Chong. You may never look at Reagan the same way again, but for those in the proper mood, this will make a perfect 4:20 AM cult horror-druggie-comedy film to visit again and again.     Source:

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