Mr. 3000

DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2005-02-01

Genre: Comedy

Director: Charles Stone III

Stars: Bernie Mac, Angela Bassett, Chris Noth, Brian White, Paul Sorvino, Earl Billings, Evan Jones, Michael Rispoli, Ian Anthony Dale, Amaury Nolasco, Dondre Whitfield

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: You only get one shot at greatness, and if that one chance slips through your fingers, it's game over. Or is it? After years of retirement from pro sports, Stan Ross is about to discover that there are such things as second chances - in sports, in love, in life - but first, you've got to undo the mistakes that fouled you up the first time around. The signature comic style of Bernie Mac comes to the fore in his first leading feature film role, starring as Stan Ross in the uplifting comedy MR. 3000. Mac portrays a man who, smack in the middle of his middle-aged retirement, gets a wake-up call that forces him to start all over again, with hilariously humbling, and ultimately unexpected, results. Given a rare opportunity to do things right the second time around, will Stan be able to seize it? Ten years ago, Stan Ross was a pro ballplayer blessed with one of the sweetest swings - and one of the worst attitudes - in the league. A man with big talent, a bigger mouth and an even bigger ego, he was clearly on his way to becoming a legend. The day he batted his 3,000th hit, assuring him of an eventual place in the Hall of Fame, Ross instantly quit the game, leaving his teammates in the lurch. Never looking back, Ross began his 'Mr. 3000' shopping empire, fueling his self-satisfaction solely with that one magical number. But now, just as Ross is about to be voted at last into the Hall of Fame, an error is discovered: the man who thought he was 'Mr. 3000,' is actually . . . 'Mr. 2,997.' Three hits shy of the landmark number, Ross has only one choice: get up off the couch, pick up his bat and rejoin the Milwaukee Brewers for the most unlikely comeback sports has ever seen. Literally going back to first base, Ross has no idea what he's in for. Out of shape, over the hill and in deep denial, he quickly becomes a joke to the press, the bane of his teammates and a juicy story to Mo Simmons (Angela Bassett), the tough-minded reporter who once had a memorable fling with Ross back in the day. But just as Ross thinks it's all about the numbers, he finally begins to see what really counts. Soon, the cocky, self-absorbed, ego machine is trying a different tactic: discovering the fun of teamwork, ethics and even falling in he learns the difference between a successful life and a meaningful one.   Source: Disney Pictures

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