Marriage Story

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DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2020-07-21

Genre: Drama

Sub-genre: Comedy

Director: Noah Baumbach

Stars: Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Azhy Robertson, Laura Dern, Julie Hagerty, Ray Liotta, Robert Smigel, Brooke Bloom, Alan Alda, Tunde Adebimpe, Jordyn Curet, Justin Claiborne, Merritt Wever, Kyle Bornheimer

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: A love story about divorce. A marriage coming apart and a family coming together. Marriage Story is a hilarious and harrowing, sharply observed, and deeply compassionate film from the acclaimed writer-director Noah Baumbach. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson deliver tour-de-force performances as Charlie, a charismatic New York theater director wedded to his work, and Nicole, an actor who is ready to change her own life. Their hopes for an amicable divorce fade as they are drawn into a system that pits them against each other and forces them to redefine their relationship and their family. Featuring bravura, finely drawn supporting turns from Alan Alda, Ray Liotta, and Laura Dern - who won an Academy Award® for her performance here - as the trio of lawyers who preside over the legal battle, Marriage Story (nominated for six Academy Awards®, including Best Picture) is a work of both intimacy and scope that ultimately invokes hope amid the ruins.     Source: Criteriion

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