DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2007-12-04

Genre: Foreign

Sub-genre: Drama

Director: Gerardo Neranjo

Stars: Fernando Becerril, Juan Pablo Castañeda, Diana García, Miriana Moro, Emilio Valdes, Martha Claudia Moreno

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: Drama/Mex is a bitter-sweet telling of three intense human relationships stories that are interlaced during one night in contemporary Acapulco. Once upon a time a luxurious port, now in decadence, Acapulco serves as a background for a suicidal old man, for a 15 year old runaway girl, and for a young couple who face the hardships of separation after a tragic break up. We see glimpses of a night that will change their lives and our perception, as we see different points of view of the events.     Source: Cannes Film Festival

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