DVD Released (Y/M/D): 2014-11-04

Genre: Comedy

Director: Dan Beers

Stars: Craig Roberts, John Karna, Alan Tudyk, Katie Findlay, Carlson Young, Autumn Dial, Steve Coulter, Zoe Myers, Katie Kneeland, Parisa Johnston, Adam Riegler

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: You're in highschool. Facing the biggest day of your life. You need to nail a college interview ensuring your admittance to your parents' beloved alma mater. To keep cool when your life-long crush finally seems to show interest. And then you wake up one morning and realize someone's playing a sick joke, because you're reliving the day's events over and over...and over again. Are you A.) stuck in a dream? B.) Experiencing déjà vu? C.) Having a psychotic break? Whether it's finding a way to get into college, into your life-long crush's pants, or having an even bigger epiphany, you must figure out how to break the cycle before losing your mind. This is the set-up for PREMATURE, the hilarious-yet-heartfelt comedy from first time feature director (and co-writer) Dan Beers that won over audiences at this year's SXSW. An ingenious collision between GROUNDHOG DAY and AMERICAN PIE.     Source: IFC Midnight

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